Graffiti Lettering

September 16, 2008 at 7:14 pm (Graffiti Lettering) ()

Graffiti is the most commonly used term for different types of writing on a wall. This makes the early Graffiti Lettering being a part of the ancient Greece and Rome.

In everyday language Graffiti most often refers to the Graffiti Lettering that evolved in the early 70´s and that’s exactly what I will tell you about.

Telling and showing you all the different Graffiti Lettering styles is a hard task or even impossible, why? At first I would have to find all the different styles out there and even with internet at hand you can understand that it’s not possible and even if I did, I’d have to make up names for all the crazy Graffiti Lettering styles. So what I will do is tell you about some of the most common and well know Graffiti styles.

Throw up

The throw up graffiti lettering style is one of the most common styles. It’s done very quickly and is usually made with two or three colors, one for the text and one for highlighting the boundaries. The most common use for this style is in stressed situations for example when painting trains.


Blockbuster is a fat style mostly used on wide spaces. This is a simple style that’s made just to take a lot of space and to be seen well. All the letters are written in upper case with even spacing between them.

Wild Style

Graffiti lettering using the wild style are usually hard to read because of all the wild decorations such as arrows and dots. Except all decorations the text is often blended and twisted.

If you’re reading this to find inspiration I recommend mixing different styles to make up a kind of own style instead of copying an old one.

When I’m looking for inspiration I always open my bellowed book Graffiti World. I’ve tried many different sources such as internet and real life but nothing is better than having the inspiration right next to you on your desk when planning your next piece. Check out the book!


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